Environmentally sustainable housing in Montreal

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At EcoCite, I was the Communications & Project Management Support. I researched and composed pieces for the demonstration suite, website, and weekly newsletter, focusing on green technology. I also participated with the on-site survey and documentation of two green building projects, including Abondance Le Soleil, Montreal’s first net-zero triplex.

Abondance le Soleil is a multi-family development that combines a wide range of energy-efficient techniques and technologies with its own in-house sustainable energy systems. The result is a home for three Quebec families that is designed to produce more energy than it consumes each year while also providing comfortable, affordable and environmentally-friendly living for its occupants.

The triplex will receive energy from a variety of sources, including a geothermal heat pump system, solar thermal panels and an 84 panel photovoltaic array. The three suites have also been designed to take full advantage of the site and layout, such as locating the refrigerators in spots where they won’t cast a shadow on the kitchen counters. Among other innovative elements, the triplex will feature toilets that solely use captured rainwater — conserving water and reducing the demand on city sewers by 75 per cent.