UX / UI designer for blockchain microfinance

Jita-landing pageJita-landing page

Jita is a blockchain microfinance platform. The platform supports microfinance institutions (MFI) to streamline their procedures, reduce their operational costs, and improve transparency and accountability within the organisation and towards external stakeholders. As such, more efficient microfinance institutions can deliver more of their capital towards their clients and give them more resources to eliminate poverty.

As the UX / UI designer, I carried out user research, created a set of personas, and designed a set of wireframes for the Jita prototype. I liaised directly with the front end developer and the co-founder on strategic design and implementation.

Jita won three prizes at the FinTech Jam for Good and presented at Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016. The platform is currently in developed for a beta test in the Phillipines for 2017.