The future of homes, by everyone, for everyone.


Digital fabrication tools such as CNC machines and 3D printers are putting the capability to produce and control physical products into the hands of everyone. It has been called the 'third industrial revolution' and it's going to transform the way we design and build our homes and cities.

WikiHouse is a digital building system, a kind of digital 'lego' for homes. It makes it simple to design beautiful, sustainable, low-cost, homes that are customised to their user, within preset rules. The system is an open source language, which anyone can use, adapt or improve. A coding language for buildings.

As part of the London WikiHouse chapter, I participated on multiple construction sites in the UK, including the first habitable WikiHouse structure in the world. I currently support UX research & design on the WikiHouse Build OS digital parametric tool, to be launched in 2017.