Using design thinking to tackle chronic diseases in Kenya


The fifth Lab of Tomorrow kicks off in partnership with German international development agency (GIZ) and Impact Hub Berlin. The focus is bringing together German health, engineering, and non-for-profit groups to innovate preventative, actionable solutions for chronic diseases in Kenya.

Design thinking underpins the collaborative process, wherein participants develop a shared understanding of the local challenge and collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of stakeholders (local users, social enterprise, corporate, political, and not-for-profit) to come up with viable social innovations. Co-creating new business opportunities through a design thinking process in Germany, developing a viable business model, and live-testing prototypes in the partner country enables participants to accelerate through the startup journey.

I was part of the concept development team which led to the successful partnership with GIZ and Impact Hub Berlin. In March 2017, I will be faciltiating the three-day design thinking workshop in Frankfurt.